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Furniture Restoration at Chiselworks primarily involves structural and cosmetic repairs, and finally refinishing. Individual parts are repaired or replaced as required, frames are reglued with modern adhesives, hardware is removed and polished, the old finish is removed by hand (no dipping) and then a new finish is applied. A variety of finishes may be used depending on the particular piece. Upholstered furniture is stripped to the frame. All joints are reglued and springs replaced or retied as required. The condition of the padding is assessed and replaced with modern materials where necessary. Only the finest fabrics are installed by Chiselworks from our selection from around the world. Traditional upholstery methods such as Tufting are commonplace in our workshop. Chiselworks installs cane,rush and seagrass chair seats and repairs wicker and rattan.

Furniture Conservation at Chiselworks is accomplished using traditional methods and materials. Period pieces are structurally stabilized with as little intervention as possible. Original finishes are rejuventated to retain the wonderful Patina that only time can achieve. Our staff will carefully assess each project and discuss the scope of the work with the client before proceeding. The ultimate goal is to extend the life of the piece for many years to come, without changing its appearance or its value.

Furniture Restoration